Saturday, April 10, 2010

What can you get with RM50?

Yup, all those. Two Mimosa bags, a wallet, an Aeropostale tank top, and a squash ball. All for RM50!
 Read on if you wish to know details of each purchase and the breakdowns. This post is picture heavy, you've been warned!

It was boring Wednesday afternoon. So, i decided to surf the net for a while and while i was on to check out the lastest warehouse sales, i stumbled on mimosa warehouse sale in klang.
Since Klang is like 10 minutes away for me, i drove there to check out the sales. I'm sorry i didnt take down any pics of the sales itself, but i have pictures of the bags i bought :D

Oversize PU leather bag. Not leather but it's very good quality for RM20! Yes, it's RM20 only.

Look, it's huge. The inner is made of good material too. Comes with a longer strap too, so this can become a messenger sling bag. This is selling for RM72 in their websites.

Classy off-White shoulder bag. This is a nice, and smooth casual bag. Despite its look, you can actually put quite a lot inside.
The inner satin lining looks and feel luxurious for its price. Oh, this is RM10 btw. The price on the website is RM55. 
A mini wallet. Sorry for the blur picture, my phone camera is only 3.2MP. You can put quite a lot inside. I chuck 12 cards, notes, receipts, coupons and coins in. Can you believe this is only RM6.90?

I went over to Jusco Bukit Raja after i was done with this warehouse sale, just 5 minutes drive away. I bought a few stuff over there too.
An Aeropostale pink tank top from F.O.S. They're having sales up to 70% off. I got this half price at only RM5. Yup, no kidding, it's only RM5.
Oh, and the tiny green black box is a squash ball i got for RM8 after 10% discount from Royal Sporting House.

So, my total damage that day? RM49.90. Weee~~~
Worth every penny i'd say. So, if you're free, head on down to Klang Centro Mall for the bags warehouse sale. The sale is until 10th of April, 10am to 10pm. Maps and details can be found here: mybags warehouse sale.


  1. drooling****really worth it!!

  2.'s worth~ seems like it's a nice warehouse sales^^

  3. SO cheap! I love the 1st bag :D

  4. haha...thanks :blush:

    Zoe, it is nice~ I cant wait to go again :D
    Iced, I love all the bags..