Friday, April 9, 2010

Raisis Eyelash Serum Review

I guess eyelash serum is the hype nowadays. I've read so many good reviews on Talika's Lipocils eyelash serum and Loreal's latest serum. But those two are out of my budget (hey, student don't get a lot you know). So, i've found another cheaper alternative which seems to work quite well to my surprise. I first saw this eyelash serum in Jean's blog: R.aisis eyelash serum. Click the link for her review.

As for my review, this is what i think about it:

- cheap! (It's only RM20 for 5ml which can last a long time)
- it works. Really works. I can see my eyelash growing in just one week. Now i'm in my second week only and i've seen noticeable growth. It's longer, so much fuller, and thicker. New lashes are sprouting from upper and lower lash line.
- does not irritate the eyes. There were a few times i accidentally poke the brush into my eye but there's no irritation or what so ever.
- safe to use before mascara. I used this day and night twice daily.

- the applicator. I just hate the brush. They should have mascara type of wand for easier application instead of a brush
- the labeling. Everything is in chinese, which is bad for a banana like me. I had to go online and search on how to use this.
- can get pretty messy because of the brush, so u might end up with unwanted hair growth if you don't apply it properly
- thicker eyelash which means harder to curl as well. I noticed that when i use my Sasa eyelash curler. But i reckon u can just curl a few more times to overcome that :)
- only can get online. I got this from

Rating: 8/10
I really like this product a lot! The 2 marks deduction is due to the applicator and the chinese labelling. Otherwise, it's really very good. I'd say it's a very good buy, since it's only RM20 and best of all, it works!


  1. I just started to use this too ! just a few days lak ~ but I don't really see any effect yet , may be I should use for longer period ^^
    yeao I hate the brush too ! How good is it if it's with the mascara brush ~

  2. hi Anna :D

    It really works, try using it a few more days then u can see longer lashes :D
    hehe...the brush is really irritating right.
    Did u get the H2O free set from the FB contest dear?

  3. hi, where can i buy the raisis eyelash tonic?

  4. I've been using raisis for over a month, and seen no difference! I'm going back to the more expensive growth tonics which I've used in the past and do really work. You get what you pay for..

  5. very informative. I think a lot of people will find this very useful.Keep post in coming future as well!!!