Thursday, April 8, 2010

50% off Coppertone face sunblock!

I spotted this in Watson Taman Connought at RM15.90 only! It's half price from RM30+ and no, it's not damage or expired. I've no idea why it's on such a great sale but almost all Coppertone sunblock is 50% off including the Coppertone sports sunblock.

Right, so what do i think about this product?

I like it better than Loreal's UV Protector sunblock (the famous one with Michelle Reis as spokesperson) and Clinique's City Block but lesser than Biore Sunblock.

- Non-oily (when i say non oily, i really mean non oily. I can't stand oily stuff on my face!)
- Value for money (It's a huge bottle, 88ml)
- Water-resistant. So important in humid country like Malaysia.
- Oil Free, PABA free, UVA and UVB protection

- Doesnt control oil (Me like Biore's for its oil control but has a whitish cast for me)
- Smell. It smells like typical sunblock, which is good for some because it's fragrance free.

- I like this better than any other sunblock i've tried except Biore's but this comes very very close to my favourite. Only thing missing is oil control properties. I'll probably use this when it's super hot and i'm more likely to sweat a lot, to swimming and to beaches.

Rating: 8.5/10

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  1. Hi there. What is the level of PA for this product and what are its ingredients? Does it contain avobenzone or zinc oxide/titanium dioxide? Thanks... :)