Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Join Fancy Illusionist Giveaway!


  1. Hi Joany^^ thanks for entering my giveaway ^^ good luck to you ^^
    And I've followed back your blog^^ Keep it up babe ^^

  2. hi Anna!

    What a lovely surprise. Thanks so much for visiting my blog...hehe

    And thanks for following. Like ur blog a lot too, so informative! I joined the H2O giveaway found in ur blog and won!! Thank u dear :D

  3. aww ~ thank you my dear ^^ Glad to hear that you've won the challenge !
    I can't participate the H2O contest because I'm studying in Kampar,Perak . And I'm so lazy to travel to KL purposely to collect the prize :( sigh...
    Anyway pls upload the prize photo after you get it yay ^^

  4. oo..i just read ur comment herre. just ignore the comments on raisis eyelash serum where i asked u on the H2O thing. :P

    Okie, will sure to upload the pics! will prolly get it tomoro :D