Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Everyday Brushes - No 7, ELF and Samantha Chapman

I absolutely love brushes. Applying makeup with brushes is so much easier, and not to mention how awesome the finished look is.

These are the brushes i use everyday:

From Right to Left (In the order of how I would use them)
My everyday brushes
  1. No 7 Foundation Brush RM35 (For a smooth and polished base - recommended by Lisa Eldridge)
  2. ELF Studio Concealer Brush USD3
  3. ELF Studio Powder Brush USD3 (For loose powder application - big and soft)
  4. Samantha Chapman Blush Brush USD8 (I love big blush brush as they give a more natural blush without the hard edges)
  5. ELF Eyeshadow Brush USD1 (To smooth on eyeshadow all over the lid as base)
  6. ELF Studio Contour Brush  USD3 (I use a darker brown to contour my eyes)
  7. ELF Studio Eyeshadow C Brush USD3 (To pick up highlighter for under brows and nose bridge, inner eyes too)
I also have Ecotools brushes and they work really well too but I use them mainly on weekends when I have a bit more time to makeup. These brushes are all super affordable, and for their price points I would say they work pretty well. I've had some of these brushes close to 5 years, especially the ELF range. They are priced USD3 each and very soft, and surprisingly durable. However, these brushes are not available in Malaysia, I bought them all from US website and shipped it here. I bought all the ELF and Samantha Chapman at, while No 7 can be found in any Boots pharmacies (I got mine from Bangkok).
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I've heard so much on Suqqu brushes but they are extremely expensive. So, while I'm saving enough to buy Suqqu, these brushes will do just fine.

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