Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Addicted to iherb.com - super cheap shipping to Malaysia! Queen Helene, Ecotools, Samantha Chapman and more brands!

Reading rave reviews on Ecotools and Samantha Chapman brushes online, I was about to drive to the nearest Shins Outlet to get the Kabuki brush and foundation brush. Then, I stumbled upon this US website called iherb. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it's significantly cheaper in iherbs (about 40% cheaper) than Shins! More so, they also sell the best-selling Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask at only USD 3ish (RM12) for a huge bootle of 226g!


Shipping to Malaysia is only a flat rate of USD4 using the standard international shipment and I was pleasantly surprised it reach about 6 days to Shah Alam. I did not get any custom taxes or whatsoever. They also have the option of DHL and other shipping method but being the thrifty me, I chose the cheapest shipping.

Oh, and please do not make the same mistake I did by not using the coupon code below to save USD 10 (RM32) off your first purchase:

That was a year ago :)
Since then I have purchased lots of stuff from iherb, especially on brands we cannot find locally like Physician's Formula, Aveda, ELF, Aubrey Organics etc. Most of the stuff are good quality but here's my 

  1. Queen Helena Mint Julep Mask 226g $3.84
  2. EcoTools, Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set, 1 Set $12.99
  3. Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Your Finish/Perfected, Blush Brush $9
  4. Sierra Bees, Organic Mint Burst Lip Balm, .15 oz (4.25 g) $0.95 
  5. Physician's Formula, Inc., Organic Wear, Loose Powder, Creamy Natural Organics, 0.77 oz (22 g) $13.39

These are the best mask, brushes, lipbalm and loose powder I've ever used. I used the lipbalm everyday and it moisturizes better than Burt's Bees. You can read up all the product reviews online in makeupalley.com, high rating and super affordable! :)

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