Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm baaaack with more hauls!

Hey you! Sorry for the long long absence. Been busy with final exams and thesis. Anyway, today is a great day :D

I went shopping today and bought some great stuff and when i got home, more great stuff! My ELF and NYX spree items arrived today. Me love 'love letter'...hehe

Alright, let's see what i bought today....

Went over to Sunway Pyramid and got some really good deal from Face Shop, and when i got home, two parcel were on my bed to greet me. Wee~~ Lol

The Face Shop is having sale up to 50% nationwide. I past by the shop and stop to look because the nail polish were ALL at 50% off. Yes, ALL of them. I got these two colours at RM2.95 each. There were tons of colours left on the shelf. I prefer Face Shop's nail polish more than Elianto, Revlon and Loreal because they're more lasting and applies on effortlessly. Almost all their cosmetics were at 40-60% off. Even their best selling bb cream were at 40%. I got this purple eyeshadow in 113 Romantic Lavender at RM6.95 each. They have lots of testers to try out the colour, so dont worry about payoff.

My first love letter arrived from a seller in (My fav site for cheap bargain stuff!!)
Stila Mandarin Mist Cheek Duo. Too bad the box was squashed by the dearest pos malaysia, otherwise this would be perfect. A soft peach and rosy bronze blush duo to highlight and contour cheeks. This retails at RM120 but i go it for RM20 only :D

The second parcel is ELF + NPB Spree, from my favourite seller in, Rowena. She's a superb A++ seller. Very very patient, wrap items in tons of bubble wrap and efficient.

From ELF studio 50% spree, i got myself two blushes in Candid coral (on the right) and Tickled Pink (on the left). I got them at RM10.50 each, after discount. Have yet to try the colours yet but they are huge! This will last me for years :D

From NPB spree, i got:

NYX Single Eyeshadow Spring Flower $3.50 = RM13.27
NYX Round Lipstick Femme $1.75 = RM7.00
Wet n Wild Eye Ultimate Expression Compact » Paradise Clove $4.99 = RM18.07 

NYX Single Eyeshadow Spring Flower. They look so pretty! I was surprised at how small this is, but on the bright side, it's good for traveling and fits into any makeup pouch for sure.
Wet n Wild Eye Ultimate Expression Compact » Paradise Clove. This in comparison with NYX shadow is HUGE! I like it cos there's a lot of possible looks that can be achieved by this compact. For work, for casual outing or for that hot date. I hate the fact that it comes with a pull out mirror on the bottom instead of a conventional mirror on the cover. So much hassle as we need to tilt the compact to look at the mirror. But at RM18 for 8 colours, i can't complain much.

NYX Round Lipstick in Femme - swatches on lip.
I forgot to take the picture of the lipstick itself but the colour is so bright! I got a shock when i opened it. I expected a sheer, everyday lipstick but this is more like a bright orangy lipstick. It looks okay in the picture but in actual, it's too orangy for my liking. I guess i chose the wrong colour. But i'd say, NYX round lipstick does live up to its name, it's extremely smooth and easy to apply, and moisturizing. I'll definitely get more of this in the next spree, in another colour of cos.

I got this Lancome Cleo Exchange a new mascara programme in Lancome counter Sunway Pyramid. The lady was very pleasant and nice, she explained to me the function and how to use it. I exchanged my old dried out clinique mascara with this travel size Mini Virtuouse Precious Cell Mascara :D

Details can be found here:

So what do you think of my hauls? I got all these items under RM100! Really, go calculate them yourself. Hehe... :D


  1. wah u also go spurlge! nice nice !!!

  2. haha...yea, this month a lot of sales.
    Especially warehouse sales. Got benefit, kose, loreal luxury $$$ liao.. lol