Friday, May 21, 2010

The Body Shop Malaysia 2010 Sale

Started today! I went over to SACC Mall Shah Alam around 1130am and to my surprised, it was kinda empty. Not as crowded as i imagined. Anyway, i only bought two items cos not really a TBS fan, the sales lady was kinda pushy so i got out as fast as i can.

I bought Pomegranate Body Spray for RM11.70 (after 70% off) and Tea Tree Oil Cover Stick for RM16 (50% off). I'm not a member so i dont get to enjoy 10% discount. Bummer. Other stuff like body butter and mist are at 50-70% off, didnt see any sets though. Was hoping to get sets since they're better priced.

Anyway, head on to body shop to check out if you're TBS fan. :)

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