Saturday, June 5, 2010

Watson 2010 warehouse sale Report

What a tiring day!! I got out of home at around 9 something and reach South City Plaza at 11.30 after picking up my friend. Once at the entrance, we were asked to wait by the management until 12pm cos he said it's too congested inside. But we waited until 12.30pm only the let us in! Crazy.

The worst part is the que to pay is terrible long. Seriously terrible. There's only 5 cashier! The whole tiny area got crammed up cos of the slow paying system. I queued from 1pm until 5 pm!! Yes, it's 4 bloody hours just to pay. But the stuff are suoer duper cheap i tell you. I grabbed like mad woman. Lol. 4 huge bags for only RM350, but not all mine la... Check out the pictures:

Each at RM3:
Sunsilk 3 in 1
Clairol Herbal essence conditioner (400ml) i think. Big bottle.
Oral B toothbrush
Boots superdrug Tea Tree Concealer
Beauty Formula Facial Scrub 250ml
Pantene Leave overnight mask 90ml

 RM1 for 3 pcs:
- Red mug 400ml with cover
- Self heating mask (3 pcs per box. So 9 pcs for RM1)
- Mentos (3 pcs per packet. So it means 9 roll of mentos for RM1!!)
- Dark choco mint

This by far is my favourite ever stuff i bought today!
 RM15 each for cellnique quench me moisturizer (expired end of 2011)
RM20 each for Off with black head (I so regret didnt take extra!!! Damn cheap, i got it for RM139 last time T.T)

RM10 each:
Ascience 3 in 1 (shampoo, conditioner and treatment) - I bought 6 boxes of this. Love this shampoo!
Biore PT oily skin wash for 2, free shawl
Renu lens solution 400ml x 2

RM20 for this set! Night cream and day cream. I almost wanted to get this at watson for RM70+ last few months ago!

Brands inner shine, 12 bottles in a box. Super good deal, i grabbed the last two boxes. Inside got free Accesories hanger somemore. So cute~!

Boots superdrug 200ml Sunblock, SPF50+ for RM5.

RM15 each:
- 3 pcs Olay (Day cream, serum and mask)
- Olay regenerist serum and cleanser.
Mum loves me for getting her this. Lol. Saves her RM100 ady! The serum retails at RM80+ i think...


  1. wow you can really shop! great buys :)

  2. haha...yes, i was surprised at myself too.
    It was as if a wild shopaholic within me got unleashed :P